Argonauta Underwaterhockey Tournament

After last year, the International Argonauta Tournament is still here! The tournament was great, the party epic! We can’t wait to see all of you again in Breda. We are very happy to open the invitation for our upcoming tournament. 
This invitation is for clubteams primarily! They are our intended participants.
Event details
Date: Saturday 16th, 2023
Location swimming pool:
De Wisselaar 
Terheijdenseweg 494 
4826 AB  Breda – Netherlands 
Divisions: Women – Open Top – Open Subtop 
Games: In between 10:00 – 19:30 hours 
Dinner: Probably starting @ 19:00 hours 
Party: After price-giving – 01.00 hours 
Party theme: Mexican Wrestle! 
Entree fee per team (10 players) € 300,00 (games & 10 dinner tickets included) 
Additional players dinner ticket p.p. €   15,00 

  1. As most of you know, you all make the games quick and hard and you make our party AWESOME! We at Argonauta request you to do the same this year. We will be ready for you all. Enjoy the games, play hard & play fair, prepare for the party and have a great time! 
  2. Please subscribe your team(s) before June 1st 2023;  
  3. We will gather all subscriptions first, decide who will be participating and then publish the teams. Normally we have more teams which subscribe than we can host; 
  4. After your team(s) is selected, we will inform you and send you the invoice. Confirmation of participation will follow upon receipt of payment;
  5. After each played game each team will deliver a waterreferee. When possible please bring additional referees. They will receive lunch & dinner & drinks during the day. 

Should you require any additional information, please feel free to contact me:  

We will provide them with free lunch and diner and some drinks
We use this information when there are too many entries in the Subtop or Top level to try and determine the level of the team